Interestingly the IPad and other mobile devices don’t allow you to enter
fractions HOWEVER this blog user feedback about fractions prompted me to find a work around.
Here’s the result.

Nice I think.
How do you do this….
Hold your stylus/finger over one of the above fractions and select “copy”
Then go to “settings” “general” “keyboard” “add new shortcut”
Hold your stylus/finger over the box called “phrase” and select ” paste”
The fraction you copied should now appear in that box.
In the other box called ” shortcut” type in the shortcut you want to use…
I used e.g. 1/4 for ¼
You only have to do this once for each fraction.
NOW when typing an email or note etc when I type 1/4 it gives me the option of using
¼ which I accept by touching the screen outside symbol.
Simples and very effective.

It follows that wherever you find and fraction or symbol on the web etc just copymit as above and create a text shortcut as above.


How do you make your entire ITUNES music library available on ALL YOUR APPLE DEVICES.
You go to your master Itunes library on your computer…make sure you have the latest
ITUNES version/ update …then somewhere on the left hand side of the screen you will find the MUSICMATCH icon.  Activate this costs £20 per year for up to 25000 songs.
Once activated and paid for, the system matches your Itunes collection regardless of where it came from with  the Itunes store and places each song in your ICloud (it does not affect your normal cloud usage in terms of volume available). Tracks that are not in the Itunes store e.g. You singing in the bath ! the MUSICMATCH  system manually uploads from your computer and puts them in the cloud as well.
You can access this Icloud library on up to 6 Apple devices..really cool..great value as well because you get pristine, high quality versions of your library to play.
On your Ipad and Iphone go into SETTINGS/MUSIC and activate Icloud Music match…done !
TIP..make sure your Icloud/ Itunes account is the same for all devices.
ALSO…the system streams tracks to your device in wireless this point NON OF YOUR MUSIC RESIDES ON YOUR IPAD. If you physically
want any track stored ON THE DEVICE/IPAD there’s a cloud icon beside each  tune which allows you to do this.
The musicmatch initial synch can take some time…I’d do it overnight.
Also any purchase you make on the ITunes store automatically gets added to your music cloud for access on all you Apple devices.
Whats really nice is you have access to all your music WITHOUT utilising any memory
on your IPAD etc. AND any duplication found in your master library is eliminated in the 
ICloud version.
Once done…all your Apple devices are automatically synched…so if you buy a tune via your IPAD OR rip some tracks from a CD they become available accross your devices.
Hope this helps…would welcome your comments.


If you have updated your IPAD to the new IOS6 (see my other blog on “IOS5 and why it is important,) then the MAIL function has the following new capabilities which are a major benefit…try them out.

1 Adding a photo to an email…… Tap and hold in message section of email..a pop up menu wil appear including an option to “insert video or photo” Select this and you will be offerred your photo folder from which you can select the picture you want to send. How cool is that!

2. Using Drafts…..create a new email message and in the message area tap in something
you want available for emails over a period e.g.  Directions to your house, Calender of
childrens events, List of Xmas gifts you’d like, Song lyrics etc, THERES NO NEED TO ENTER ANY RECEIVERS ADDRESSES. In the message header enter the title you want to give the draft e.g. “directions to my house.
Touch “cancel” at top left of the email and select “save as draft”.
NOW create a new email but this time touch and hold the new email icon ( paper with pen).
Magically you will given the option to create a new email or create an email from draft.
AND BINGO! it will be placed in Your new message ready for you to enter receivers addresses
etc and message title as usual… what a time saver !

3. VIPs…This is a mailbox reserved for your VIP’s. Select the VIP mailbox, touch the star and select who you want to be a VIP. VIP incoming mails will be flagged to you the minute they are received ..this could be useful if e.g. you are involved in say a lease negotiation where you could make all the interested parties VIP’s and can give emails from them your immediate attention without having to trawl through your entire inbox. Neat!



I get a lot of communications which suggest that many of you have problems with text entry that can be easily cured.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY ENTERED TEXT and want to alter some words or spelling
later then GO TO THE LINE where you want to change things and hold your finger on the text. After afew seconds a magnifying glass will appear which if you KEEP HOLDING YOUR FINGER DOWN will allow you to slide around the text until you come to the place where you want to change a word or details. When you reach the correct point just release your finger and the pop up menu will ask you what you want to do. It’s really simple and saves you a lot of stress trying to place the cursor in position.
WHEN ENTERING TEXT don’t forget that the return key allows you to start a new line.
ALSO if you tap the shift (upward arrow) twice very quickly then the text will remain in capital letters until you tap the shift key again. Obviously the shift key tapped just once will give just one capaital letter and then revert to small lower case text automatically.
PLEASE REMEMBER THAT many keys have “hidden” characters that you access by holding down the key. For example the zero key(0) when held down allows you to slide to other options including the degree (°) sign. Experiment because this can save you a lot of time especially if you are entering scientific stuff or want a foreign language letter option as for example the “a” key which when held down allows the entry of à,á,æ,ã,å,ä etc.
INCORRECT CHARACTERS can appear in your text for example happynbirthdaymtomyou.   The “m”s and “n”s just seem to appear. The reason for this is that the IPAD TOUCH SCREEN KEYBOARD IS VERY SENSITIVE and when you are entering text the lower part of your hand just comes into contact with the characters at the bottom of the keyboard so just be careful when entering text. As an alternative you could buy a stylus which makes this problem less likely to occur.
REALLY EXCITING…. at the bottom of your keyboard is a microphone symbol (newer IPADS only)If you tap this and speak clearly quite close to the IPAD, when you tap the microphone symbol  again to de activate it the words you have spoken will appear as text in your email, documents etc. STUPENDOUS  EH ! Here’s an example |
welcome to Tony mortlock’s blog this was recorded through the microphone on the keyboard ! Amazing.
If the microphone icon isn’t there tap “settings” then “general” then “keyboards” and toggle “dictation” on.
IF THERES SOME TEXT ON A WEB SITE OR IN AN EMAIL etc that you want to place elsewhere… for example a friend may have sent you some text to put into a book you are writing…. hold a finger close to the text and wait a few seconds. A pop up menu will appear which will allow you to select the text in different ways e.g.  ”select all”  ”paste” and “select”.
With the “select” option you drag out the blue “handles” to cover what you want to copy.
Then select “copy”.
Go to the email or document or note you want this text to appear in, hold your finger down in the text area and select “paste” from the pop up menu…DONE!

IPAD and your digital camera

FIRSTLY LET ME SAY THAT THE IPAD IS NOT A MASS STORAGE DEVICE AND YOU SHOULD BE VERY SELECTIVE WHEN ADDING YOUR DIGITAL PHOTOS TO IT. I have no doubt that eventually Apple will come up with an Ipod sized external solid state drive (SSD) like the one in the MacBook Air  for the IPad but for now this is not available.

So how do you transfer pictures from your digital camera to the Ipad? Well the first thing you need to do is buy an IPAD CAMERA CONNECTION KIT. Here’s a link to this item in the Apple UK store.

There are two adapters in the kit one of which takes an SD memory card and the other provides a USB connection into the Ipad. The USB connection is not the same as the one on your computer..its only meant for devices not requiring power from it for example a digital camera.

MY STRONG ADVICE is to remove the SD card containing JPEG images from your camera and slot it into the SD card adpater and then insert the adapter into the connection at the base of the Ipad where you charge it normally.

Turn the Ipad On and select the “photos” icon. You should then see small thumbnails of all the pictures on your memory card. Lightly tap the ones you want to add to your Ipad. A small “tick” will appear indicating that an image has been selected. You can deselect by lightly tapping the image again. When you have finished selecting follow the instructions at the top of the screen selecting the “import selection ” icon. The images you picked will be transferred to your Ipad and you can then remove the SD card and the adapter.

You can do this by connecting your camera with the memory card still in it to the Ipad using the USB adapter and the USB cable normally supplied with your camera. This will work OK but as a photographer I am always nervous about possible file corruption that is more likely doing things this way.

NOTE…. Compact Flash memory cards cannot be used for this purpose and also only JPEG images will be imported.

TIP…. if you are shooting primarily for adding selected pictures to your IPAD then you can set your camera to record at a much lower quality than usual. This means more pictures on your memory card and more pictures on your IPAD.

You can also connect an IPhone to the Ipad using its USB charging cable and import selected images to the IPAD in the same way I described above.

SOON I’ll be adding an item on adjusting photos on the IPAD and creating albums which make it much easier to access specific pictures to show friends etc. Let me know how you get on.

IPAD IOS 5 what is it and why is it important.

I know this is back to basics but hey this is what this blog is about. All computers have at their core a large piece of software called an OPERATING SYSTEM. You’ve heard of “Windows”, Linux and Apple’s Lion, and now Mountain Lion. The best way to visualise this is as a complex enabling system. A simple example is traffic signals that are electronically controlled to “enable”(allow) cars to move in one direction whilst restricting or stopping cars moving in another direction. The operating system on a computer does this a million times a second on a vast scale. Its the operating system that tells the computer what to do when for example you touch an icon on your IPAD. Lets see the Photos icon has been touched so I’ll immediately present the photo library on the screen.In other words the Operating System is the brain of the machine. The Ipad’s operating system is coded IOS followed by a number which tells which version is currently on the machine. Right now (July 2012) the latest version is IOS 5.1.1. HOW DO YOU FIND THIS OUT…..touch “settings” on you main screen and then “general” then “about”. About halfway down you will see your current IOS number under the heading “version”.

APPLE are constantly improving the Ipad’s operating system and adding capabilities so its really important to keep your operating system up to date.HOW DO YOU DO THIS?. When a new update is available a number will appear on the “settings” icon on your main screen. Tap “settings” then”general” then “software update”. Just follow the on screen instructions. You can try this anyway viz settings/general/software update. You may get a message “your software is up to date” in which case all is well.


YOU CAN CARRY THIS OUT CONFIDENT THAT YOU WILL NOT LOSE ANY STUFF ON YOUR MACHINE AT ALL. If your operating system is not up to date your Ipad may not be capable of doing all the new things added when there’s a new update so make this a habit..

IPAD adding website links to your main home page.

Its funny how when you are using a wonderful machine like the Ipad its difficult to find information on even the simplest things. LIKE there are several web pages I use frequently or some I just need easy access to for a short while and its a real pain having to go to SAFARI every time.

TRY THIS: Go to one of your most used web pages and then tap the bendy arrow top left of screen. Tap on “add link to home screen” give it a name you will easily recognise and tap “done”..amazing now you just tap on that link on your main screen and go directly to that website.

See blog on organising app and link icons.

IPAD organising apps on your main screen including folders!

As you add more apps and web page links to your main screen it can begin to look a real mess which is a shame because we know what a tidy person you are!

Try this…. press down on an app and hold. Suddenly all the apps etc on the screen  start to develop a nervous wobble. Some also have black crosses on the top lwft hand corner. During this “wobble phase” you can touch and hold each icon and move it around the screen until its in a better position for you to access it. BUT THATS NOT ALL(sound s like a TV promotion) touching the black cross will bring up a menu giving you the chance to delete the app from the screen.(Dont worry if its an app you obtained from the app store you can restore it to your Ipad by revisiting the app store and downloading the app again. The store knows the ones you”own” and will not make a charge if its one you paid for). BUT THATS NOT ALL! If you have multiple main screens you can drag a wobbling app icon from screen to screen by pulling it to the left or right hand edge of its present screen depending on whether its new screen is to be to the left or right of the present one. BUT THATS NOT ALL! . Lets say you have placed on your main screen links to two or three news media websites, drag say the BBC one on top of the CNN one and immediately release. A pop up screen will show the BBC and CNN links in the same folder and at the same time give you an opportunity to name the folder e.g. NEWS LINKS. Clever eh!. When you’ve done moving the wobbly icons around to your satisfaction just press the “mission control” button at the bottom of the machine!

One thing you may not know is that you can place your six most used app/link icons on the tool bar at the bottom of the screen for easier access. Do this during the “wobbly”phase.

ONE LAST THING (boring!) if you double tap the “mission control” button at the bottom of the machine a strip appears along the bottom showing every app/link icons on your machine. Just scroll it along until you find the link you want and tap it. Also scroll far left and you will find slider controls for volume and screen brightness.


I’ve been encouraged by messages of support for this blog some of which appear here and others via direct email to me. Thanks a lot for letting me know..feel free via this blog to let me know any Ipad topics you would like me to cover and I’ll do my best to help.

IPAD No sound ! plus information on toggle switch.


A recent email to me pronounced “Help there’s no sound on my IPAD

Here’s why:

Assuming the volume control is up sufficient to be able to hear sound, the switch above  the volume control on the top right hand side of the machine has been set to “mute sound”.
All you need to do is flick the switch to the up position. That will cure it.
If you go to “settings” then “general” about two thirds of the way down you will
see the words “use side switch to”. Here you can select what you want the side switch to do. Right now I would  guess its on “mute” …change this to “lock rotation”.

Now the side switch when down will stop the Ipad moving the screen from portrait to landscape which can be a bit irritating at times. Just flick the switch up when you want to reinstate the automatic rotation.
NOTE the machine will lock the rotation to whatever it was when you flick the switch
down which is a useful function particularly when viewing videos or photographs.

This capability came with the upgrade to IOS 5… I will explain about this and the operating system in general in a later blog.